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Call for Expressions of Interest: Capital Grant Opportunity (July to August 2018)

There is at least £8.3 million of capital grant funding available across Kent, Medway, Essex and East Sussex to be allocated to new projects.

If you are interested in applying for a capital grant, an expression of interest form must be completed by 5.30pm on Friday 31st August 2018.

The Expression of Interest template to be completed by applicants is available here. The detailed background information on the eligibility criteria and assessment process can be found here.

In summary, the criteria are as follows:

• The project aligns with SELEP’s objectives to support economic growth.
• The project seeks between £250k and £8million in capital investment
• The project can be delivered in line with legal requirements about the use of public funds (e.g. the state aid rules).
• The project will spend the capital investment by 31st March 2021.
• The project has evidence of public support, and is supported by KMEP and by a relevant upper-tier/unitary authority (i.e. Kent County Council or Medway Council).
• There is evidence of strategic fit.
• The project has completed ‘option generation and sifting’.
• There is a good rationale for the funding request.
• The project is deliverable and will realise benefits (e.g. deliver jobs, houses, learners, etc).
• The project provides good value for money
• The project has secured additional funding from other sources (i.e. some element of match funding).
• The project has a comprehensive risk register and risk management in place.

To submit your application or if you require any further information about the process, please email Thank you

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